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Pennsylvania is looking towards building a strong and resilient greener future. If you wish to become a part of the thriving sector, end your search for green jobs in Pennsylvania here.

With the climate crisis becoming a harsh reality, government and private employers are transitioning to a cleaner way of working and creating green jobs.

We have jobs, from ambitious startups to big brands, listed with us. And the best part, most green companies are paying well with extra perks and health benefits.

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Why Pennsylvania for Green Jobs?

The state is looking at a promising green future. Studies have confirmed an outpouring of federal funds, nearly $1.2 trillion, and a projected 6.4% growth of green jobs in the next five years,

They are no fancy figures but hard facts confirmed by Emsi Burning Glass, the non-organizational firm that worked on the Pennsylvania data for WorkingNation.

There are over 4,500 job openings in Pennysylvania’s green sectors. And hundreds of others require upskilling to become employable for green state jobs. With all positive signs, green job seekers should stay put and smarten up their job search.

Work full-time, part-time, intern, or any other way. The door to attractive green job opportunities in Pa is open for all the competent job seekers out there. Do not hold yourself back and filter your way through.

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